Press Release
The Conference for Presenting the Research Reports to Lao PDR about the Designs of Chiang Man – Luang Pra Bang Bridge in Lao PDR

The Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (Public) (NEDA) led the consultants including STS Engineering Consultant Company Limited and International Engineering Consultants Company Limited had the conference with the representatives of the Department of Transportations and Luang Pra Bang in Lao PDR in order to present the research reports and to consider the opinions of the consultants in order to study and identify the details of the
construction of Chiang Man – Luang Pra Bang in Lao PDR and to survey the construction location of the mentioned bridge.
Mr. Keerati Weluwan, the Deputy Director of NEDA, and Ardnada Bloom, the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Transportations, were the co-speakers at the Public Civil Works and Transportations Department’s Conference Room in
Luang Pra Bang in Lao PDR on 11th January 2023.