Press Release
NEDA Discussed and Surveyed the Permanent Border Checkpoint at the 2nd Thai – Laos Friendship Bridge (Mukdahan – Savannakhet)

During 28th – 29th November 2022, the Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (NEDA) discussed and surveyed the area in order to consider the budget for creating the Common Control Area (CCA) at the permanent border checkpoint at the 2nd Thai – Laos Friendship Bridge (Mudahan – Savannakhet). Mr. Keerati Weluwan, the Deputy Director of NEDA, was the leader of the Thai working group from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transportations and organizations in the area of Mukdahan Customs Office. Mr. Athippatai Rotjanaphaibul, the Consul General of Savannakhet, discussed with Mr. Wilaiphan Chaiyaphan, the Deputy Chief of the Department of Transportations, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportations of Lao PDR, and the responsible organizations of Lao PDR in the mentioned discussion and survey. The purposes are to discuss and to survey the area for CCA and the responsible organizations at the policy and spatial operation levels regarding custom immigration and quarantine (CIQ) between Thailand and Lao PDR in order to obtain the information for considering the development cooperation of NEDA for Lao PDR and to provide materials and equipment for CCA. During the discussion, the mutual guidelines were set regarding regulations and practices. The mechanisms were set for driving the project according to the mentioned implications in order to obtain tangible and sustainable results.