Press Release
NEDA Engages in Discussions with Timor-Leste’’s Ministry of Finance to Bolster Joint Development Projects

On February 13, 2024, Mr. Kirati Veruwan, Vice President of the Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (NEDA), in collaboration with Ms. Dariwan Prempoomwate, Director of Project Operation and Management Bureau I, and Mr. Sakollawat Thongcharoen, Minister Counsellor of Thailand to Timor-Leste, along with his team, convened with Ms. Felicia Claudinanda Cruz Carvalho, Vice Minister of Finance for the Republic Democratic of Timor-Leste (RDTL). The meeting aimed to discuss strategies for collaborative operations between NEDA and Timor-Leste across various collaborative projects, setting a course for future joint endeavors.