Organization info

General information about the organization

Stucture of NEDA
Board of NEDA
Chairman of the board
  • Ms. Chularat Suteethorn
Board of Directors
  • Ms. Siriwan
    Deputy Permanent Secretary,
    Ministry of Finance
  • Miss Arjaree Sriratanaban
    Director-General, Department of East Asian Affairs
  • Dr. Pattama Teanravisitsagool
    Deputy Secretary General,
    National Economic and Social Development Council
  • Ms. Ketsuda
    Deputy Director General,
    Fiscal Policy Office
  • Mr. Cherdchai Chaivaivid
    Director-General, Department of International Economic Affairs
Independent Directors
  • Dr. Seree
    Independent Director
  • Professor Tongthong Chandransu
    Independent Director
  • Mr. Jukr
    Independent Director
  • Mr. Wisut Chanmanee
    Independent Director
Director and secretary
  • Mr. Perames Vudthitornetiraks
    Director and Secretary