Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (Public Organization) (NEDA) News - Related Information Kingdom of Cambodia Cambodia is classified as a less-developed country, still trapped with poverty. The Cambodian government, therefore, places top priority to define its economic and social strategies to address the chronic poverty, and upgrade quality of life and living standards of people, especially those in the remote rural areas. The government is now embarking on the National Strategic Development Plan. 8 Jan. 2558 Republic of the Union of Myanmar Myanmar is governed by a military junta under the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC). SPDC Chairman is the country ruler, and the Prime Minister is the government head. 23 Mar. 2558 23 Nov. 2560 Laos PDR Laos PDR still has plenty of mineral resources, both surveyed sources and those pending surveys. Demand for minerals has recently increased in line with growing demand in the global market during the last few years. Prices of minerals have shot up very rapidly, due to limited supply. At present, Lao government has granted concessions for mineral survey in many areas to foreign miners. 30 Apr. 2556 23 Nov. 2560 11 Jan. 2561 11 Jan. 2561 11 Oct. 2562 11 Oct. 2562 11 Oct. 2562 11 Oct. 2562 11 Oct. 2562 11 Oct. 2562 11 Oct. 2562 11 Jan. 2561 11 Jan. 2561 11 Jan. 2561