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NEDA participates in the success evaluation meeting as a completion of the project
By: รัฐฐา ธนันท์พรพงษ์
  • 26 Nov. 2562
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Mr. Kirati Veruwan, Vice President (NEDA) with the representatives from Department of
Roads, Lao People's Democratic Republic led by Vanthong Bouttanavong, Deputy Director-
General of Department of Roads, the representatives from consulting company and the
representatives from construction company traveled on a survey mission and participated in a
meeting to as a completion of road construction project from Hongsa- Ban Chiang Man. The
meeting aimed to gather data and evaluate the success of the project as well as survey the
opinions of local people on their living improvement and the benefits from the construction at
Lao People's Democratic Republic during 21-22 November 2019.