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The Seminar on the Conclusion of the Evaluations of the Benefits and Effects of the Complete Road Number 11 Construction Project
By: รัฐฐา ธนันท์พรพงษ์
  • 5 Sep. 2565
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Neighboring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (Public Organization) (NEDA) held the seminar on the conclusion of the evaluations of the benefits and the effects of the complete Road Number 11 construction project in Ban Tad-Thong-Nam Sang and Muang Sang Thong and the road construction project from Phu Doo (Ban Khok District, Uttaradit Province) to Pak Lai, Chaiya Buri, Lao PDR. Mr. Rapipit Prommanat, the Director of the Office of Speaker Policy and Planning, was the representative of the Neighboring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (NEDA) and presented the backgrounds and objectives of the projects. Mr. Sahawit Apichaiwitsarutkun, Vice Governor of Uttaradit Province, was the president opening the seminar. In the mentioned seminar, it had the special speech by Dr. Boonyasap Panitchakan, an instructor of the Faculty of Logistics and Digital Supply Chains in Naresuan University, in the topic of “the Significances of Phu Doo International Point of Entry and the Luangprabang-Indochina-Mawlamyine Economic Corridor or LIMEC” in Uttaradit Province on 2nd September 2022.