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On 30 October 2019, Senior Colonel Saranyu Viriyavejakul, D.Sc., Vice
President of NEDA acted as the leader of delegation which included Mr. Rapipit
Promnart, Policy and Planning Bureau Director and Ms. Chakriya Kattaleepan, Policy
and Planning Analyst, traveled to attend the 9th CEXIM-EDCF-JICA-NEDA Seminar at
the head office of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Tokyo, Japan
under the topic of "Quality Infrastructure" led by Mr. MORI Matsuya, JICA Vice
President, as the chairman. The seminar included representatives from the key
development partners in Asia, such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency
(JICA), China Export-Import Bank: CXIM, Economic Development Cooperation Fund:
EDCF which is a development assistance agency of Korea and NEDA. The purpose of
the seminar is to exchange knowledge, experience, and economic and social
development assistance policies. This year, members discussed about the operations
since 2018 and the operations of each department that supports the principles under
Quality Infrastructure. At the end of the seminar, members exchanged views on how
to promote the format of the forum to become more well-known and to have
concrete cooperation as key development partners of Asia. In 2020, NEDA will host
the 10th CEXIM-EDCF-JICA-NEDA Seminar in Thailand.