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NEDA provids the training of the royal volunteer spirit project
By: รัฐฐา ธนันท์พรพงษ์
  • 27 Nov. 2562
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Mr. Perames Vudthitornetiraks, President of Neighbouring Countries Economic
Development Cooperation Agency (Public Organization) (NEDA), Ministry of Finance and
executives of Sun Tower building provided the training of the royal volunteer spirit project in
accordance with the royal initiative of 904 Volunteer Course titled “the King's institutions and
Thailand” on 27 November 2019 at 39 th floor, Sun Tower Building, Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road. Col.
Wanchana Sawasdee, assistant spokesperson of Ministry of Defence and Deputy Director of
public relations bureau, Ministry of Defence was honorably invited as a speaker providing a
lecture on Thai Monarchy. Expert speakers from Revenue Department, Excise Department, The
Comptroller General's Department, The Public Debt Management Office and Customs
department also provided the lecture on Royal biography since Sukhothai period to Ayutthaya,
Thonburi and Rattanakosin periods. Royal policies, Royal styles, Royal grace of monarchy and
the important royal duties were told to create conscious and become aware of the importance
of the monarchy as well as nurture the value to do good for society. There were many
participants from different organizations within Sun Tower Building who acknowledged the
activities of 904 Volunteer and remember His Majesty the King’s endless kindness.