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NEDA joined the campaign for safety on road, Route 4B Hongsa - Ban Chiang Man (Muang Chomphet, Luang Prabang Province)
By: รัฐฐา ธนันท์พรพงษ์
  • 16 Jul. 2564
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On July 15th, 2021, Neighbouring Countries Economic Development Cooperation Agency (Public Organization) (NEDA) together with Head Department of Public works and transport, Luang Prabang Province, Lao PDR (Mr.Brong vang Wangchicxa) and Chomphet Mayor (Mr.Saysamone Salivong) provided knowledge and disseminated public relations media to promote the safety on road, prevention and reduction of road accidents rate between Hongsa - Ban Chiang Man (Muang Chomphet, Luang Prabang Province). The people of Chomphet and ethnic groups, who use Route 4B, were determined to comply with traffic regulations. This leads to strengthening disciplines and social behaviors for safe driving when using Highway in Lao PDR.